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Players with 30+ Home Runs and 30+ Stolen Bases in a season in each League

The league doesn't matter to us

Players with 30+ Home Runs and 30+ Stolen Bases in a season in each League

Bobby Bonds
Alfonso Soriano

Bobby along with his son Barry, share the record for most seasons (5)
in which they reached those marks in one League

38 players have hit 30+ longballs and stolen 30+ bases in a single season
13 of them achieved this more than once
Player American League National League
Bobby Bonds 1975 (NYY) / 1977 (CAL) / 1978 (CHW-TEX) 1969-73 (SF)
Alfonso Soriano 2002-03 (NYY) / 2005 (TEX) 2006 (WSH)
14 May 2015
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