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Carlos Beltran (NYY)

He became the sixth active player and 54th in MLB history to connect on 400+ career homers. He is the eighth player to reach the mark playing for New York Yankees, and no other club has had that amount of players getting 400 home runs while wearing the uniform of a team.
Beltran is the fourth ambidextrous in getting to this figure; the other three are members of the Hall of Fame.
He is now part of a group of just 5 players who have 400+ longballs and 300+ stolen bases. 

Extra: Kendrys Morales (Kansas City Royals) hit the third walk-off home run of his career, and all have been in extra innings and with three different teams (the other two were with the Los Angeles Angels in 2010 and the Seattle Mariners in 2013). He is the third active player to achieve that feat.
15 May 2016


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