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Clayton Kershaw (LAD)

The left-hander threw his second shutout of the year and the fourteenth of his career, in a 5-0 win over the New York Mets, in which he struck out 13 batters (unbeaten against the Mets, 7-0 in the regular season). He now has a 5-1 record this season with a 1.74 ERA and leads the Majors in strikeouts (77).
In each of his last 5 starts, the Los Angeles Dodgers' pitcher has had 10+ strikeouts and averaged less than a walk, which sets a record in MLB for games in a row with those numbers. 
Kershaw has a record of 81-0 in his career as a starter when the Dodgers score 4 or more runs. 
This was his 250th start in his ninth year in the Majors, and has accumulated a 119-57 record, a 2.40 ERA, and 1,823 strikeouts (MLB Rank #106, active). 

Extra: The Boston Red Sox for the second time in franchise history, have a streak of 4 games in a row in which they score 11+ runs. Since 1950, only 3 other teams have had a similar streak with 10+ runs.
12 May 2016


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