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On The Board

Marwin Gonzalez (HOU)

He hit a 2-run home run to reach a total of 26 in his 5-year career in the Majors. With what could be considered just another homer, it set an MLB record since his previous ones were solo shots. The Houston Astros' player has more than double any other player in history; the one that follows him has 11 homers without a partner on base from the start of his career.

Extra: The Atlanta Braves have lost 13 of their first 14 games at home this season. It is only the second time that this happens. In 1913, the New York Yankees were defeated in their first 17 home games. The Braves in 5 of those losses, have connected on 10+ hits and received 10+ strikeouts.
06 May 2016


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