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Jake Arrieta (CHC)

He got his sixth victory of the campaign without any defeats and reaches his seventeenth consecutive win since last year. In 6 starts this season he has allowed 4 runs on 20 hits in 43 innings pitched. No other pitcher in his first 6 outings of a season with at least 40 innings pitched, has given up less than that amount of runs and hits.
The Chicago Cubs pitcher is also the second pitcher to win his first 6 games as a starter after receiving the Cy Young Award in the previous season.                                          

Extra: The Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees find themselves in one of their worst early season starts. 
The Braves have a 6-19 record in their first 25 games, and that is only the third time in franchise history that they begin with a similar record. In 1914, they recovered to win their first World Series title, and in 1988, finished last in the Majors with just 54 wins. 
The Bronx Bombers have started off 8-16, and that is the fifth time they begin with twice as many defeats as victories, as happened in 1925 / 66 / 84 and 91, in which they were unable to reach the postseason.
03 May 2016


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