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Chicago White Sox

They performed a triple-play that helped preserve the shutout at the hands of the Texas Rangers, when they loaded the bases in the seventh inning. It is the first by this particular combination (9-3-2-6-2-5) of the 703 that have been made in Major League history. The extraordinary play started with a line drive by Mitch Moreland which was caught by Adam Eaton (RF) for the first out, he tossed the ball to José Abreu (1B) to get the second out, and when the player who was running at third base tried to score, Dioner Navarro (C) received the ball and then passed it to Tyler Saladino (SS), who then returned the ball to Navarro, who then passed it along to Todd Frazier (3B), who completed the play with the third out. The last time the club managed a triple-play in a shutout was 70 years ago (June 11, 1946). It is the first triple-play the Rangers have received since 1991.                                              

Extra: The Oakland Athletics have gone undefeated (7-0) in road games this season. It is the fourth time in franchise history that they succeed in at least their first 7 games of a campaign. In 1913 they started (8-0), in 1981 (11-0), and 1990 (8-0), and those were all years in which they made it to the postseason, and they were crowned World Series Champions in 1913.

22 April 2016


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