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On The Board

Washington Nationals

During the seventh inning of the game against the Miami Marlins, Jayson Werth homered and Wilson followed, and after loading the bases Bryce Harper hit a grand slam and then - Ryan Zimmerman went deep. For the third time in franchise history they launched four home runs in one inning (the first two as the Montreal Expos in 1978 and 1986) and it is also the first time Miami allows that amount. The MLB record is 5 home runs in one inning which five teams share.     

Extra: The Cincinnati Reds stole 5 bags in the second inning thanks to Jay Bruce (2), Tyler Holt, Billy Hamilton, and Eugenio Suarez. The club tied its previous record that was set in 1922, although that mark is still far from the record set by two teams with 8 stolen bases in a frame.
19 April 2016


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