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Major League

Four teams that had a losing record in 2014 made the postseason (CHC-NYM-HOU-TEX). 

National League: the regular season ended with three teams in the Central Division (STL-PIT-CHC) with more victories than the other teams that won their Divisions, including the other League. It is the second time in the last three years that three clubs of the same Division make the postseason. Two teams clinched their Division crowns for the second year in a row (LAD-STL) and one of them did it for the third consecutive year (STL). For the first time a series will take place between teams that were no-hit twice during the year (NYM-LAD). One franchise comes into the playoffs as a Wild Card for the third consecutive campaign (PIT). 

American League: Only one team that participated in the postseason last year returns this year (KC). The club with the most time since its last playoff run reappears after 22 years (TOR). The East Division has represented 16 of the 25 teams that have obtained the Wild Card. One franchise becomes the only one to partake in the playoffs as the Wild Card in both Leagues (HOU).
05 October 2015


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