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Most Doubles hit in an Opening Day Game

On their way to second all game long
Most Doubles hit in an Opening Day Game
4 Doubles

Pop Dillon

(Detroit 1901 April 25)

Jim Greengrass

(Cincinnati 1954 April 13)

The record for most doubles in a game is four and these two players are the only ones to have ever done it in a game to start a season.
(Interestingly, in both contests, the team that lost was Milwaukee by one run)

 In Detroit's debut as a franchise in the Major Leagues, Dillon connected on 4 doubles and was the hero in the incredible, first win in the history of his club. In the ninth inning when they were losing by 9 runs, they had a 10-run rally led by 2 doubles by Dillon, the last of them to walk it off for the win. He hit a total of 44 two-base hits in his short career of 5 seasons.

 Greengrass started off his third campaign with Cincinnati and contributed to the team win with 4 doubles. His baseball career was cut short after 5 years after suffering from phlebitis (Total of 82 Doubles).

 50 players in MLB history have hit 4 doubles in a single game (One batter has done it in two occasions).

 14 players have belted 600+ Doubles in their careers, only one of them hit 4 in one game.

10 March 2016
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