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He made 27 outs and it was not a perfect game

Perfect but it wasn't

He made 27 outs and it was not a perfect game

1917 June 23 
Ernie Shore

Only reliever to throw a complete no-hitter


Ernie Shore had a flawless performance in relief of starter Babe Ruth, when he was ejected for arguing a walk given to the first batter of the game.
The runner was out on attempted stolen base and Shore retired the next 26 batters.
Although 27 outs were recorded in his relief it can not be considered a perfect game.
This was the first combined no-hitter in the majors.

 11 combined no hit-no run games have been launched in history

 23 is the number of perfect games registered in the MLB

 289 no-hitters have been thrown in the majors

Box Score R H E
Washington 0 0 3
Boston 4 9 0
Boston Pitchers IP H R BB K
Babe Ruth 0 0 0 1 0
Ernie Shore 9 0 0 0 2
26 July 2015
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