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¿Which Ballpark has the smallest dimensions?

¿Which Ballpark has the smallest dimensions?

ponchy conguante
(Feet LF / CF / RF) 

Fenway Park - Boston
(310 / 390 / 302)

Tropicana Field – Tampa Bay
(315 / 404 / 322)

AT&T Park – San Francisco
(339 / 399 / 309)

The historic Fenway Park which opened in 1912 is home of the Boston Red Sox, and is the Major League stadium that has the least direct distance from Home Plate to Left, Center, and Right Field.

The dimensions of each baseball field vary from one park to another, as well as the height of the fences, angles, and materials with which they are constructed, along with other features that distinguish both the old and new stadiums. MLB rules do not limit the design of the parks, but since 1958 (Rule 1.04), set the minimum distance from Home to the outfield fence.

This rule came along with the moving of the Dodgers' franchise from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. The organization did not construct a new baseball field, instead they restructured a football one (Memorial Coliseum), with the inconvenience of the left field fence that could only be set at 251 feet away. The Commissioner ordered the fence to be adjusted to a height of 42 feet. There they played until the team opened up a new stadium in 1962 (Dodger Stadium).

MLB Official Rule 1.04 (a): Any field built by a Club after June 1, 1958 will have a minimum distance of 325 feet from Home Plate to the fence that is nearest in the right and left fields along the foul lines, and a minimum 400-foot center field fence.

Since Boston has played at Fenway Park (1912), they have led the Majors in home runs in five campaigns (1967-69-70-77 and 79). The record for one team is 23 seasons.

In the last 10 seasons, two of the parks that do not comply with the wanted distances according to the rule book, have been the leader in average home runs per game (Oriole Park 3 and Yankee Stadium 2 times).

The Statistics show the ballparks with distances shorter than the ones established by MLB on each part of the field. There are fields in which these distances have been authorized by Major League Baseball after 1958 and can remain the way they are (LF 3 / CF 3 / RF 6).

Park (Opening Year) / 




Fenway Park – Boston (1912)




Tropicana Field – Tampa Bay (1998)

315 (1)


322 (5)

AT&T Park – San Francisco (2000)


399 (2) 309 (1)
Minute Maid Park – Houston (2000) 315 (1) 436 326
Petco Park – San Diego (2004) 334 396 (1) 322 (5)
Yankee Stadium – New York (2009) 318 (3) 408 314 (2)
Oriole Park – Baltimore (1992) 333 410 318 (3)
PNC Park – Pittsburgh (2001) 325 399 (2) 320 (4)

Ballparks with the most 

Distance from Home

355 (CHC)

Wrigley Field

436 (HOU)

Minute Maid Park

353 (CHC)

Wrigley Field

01 February 2016
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